Game Development


Our development team, the use of Unreal 3 engine, after a period of 3 years, sincerity!

Research Team

   We have a first-class technical team

About Game

Let’s jump into a real modern battle! Masterfully coordinated with tanks, helicopters, artillery, reconnaissance vehicles, and support vehicles, this adrenaline-pumping air-to-land battle can make full use of all your combat skills. It can further hone in your combat competitiveness with the multitude of TV missiles, heat-seeking missiles, air defense missiles, mines, fortress, etc. Some of the key features include:

50 Kinds of Air or Land Vehicles: more than 10 upgradable vehicle trees; multiple helicopters such as Apache, K50, Mi35; various tanks including T90, M1A1, etc.

Vehicles from Five Countries: the United States, Russia, Germany, China, Israel.

Multiple Modern Weapons and Missiles: TV missiles; heat-seeking missiles, air defense missiles; bombs electromagnetic interference, etc.

Realistic Vehicle Damage Distributable to Local Parts: it can show local damages to the tank treads, the engine. It can also hit ammunition frame, causing instantaneous explosion.

Upgradable Vehicle Occupant System: You can upgrade your crew and increase the skill levels of the tank commander, gunners, and the driver.

Huge Map: Map dimension of 1.5 kilometer x 1.5 kilometer (about 0.93 mile in each dimension), all with world-famous battles as the background.

Multiple Game Modes: destruction mode without the ability of rebirth; defense mode with repeated rebirth; and the PVE Mode; Contest Mode.